What factors impact the amount and diversity of human trafficking seen globally?

Research Proposal – What factors impact the amount and diversity of human trafficking seen globally?

Formatting Requirements: Your proposal should be 12-15 pages, typed. It should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font using 1-inch margins. All citations should be in APA style. The paper should have a cover sheet with your name and the title of the paper. Be certain to number the pages in your paper as well. Finally, do not forget the reference page. Outline of Research Proposal The proposal should be organized as follows: I. Title The title of your research proposal is important as it is the first thing that most readers will consider when reviewing your proposal. Your title should mention your central variables of interest (i.e., independent and dependent variables). II. Abstract A short abstract (100-125 words) is adequate. An abstract is a summary that provides an overview of the proposal. Consider limiting yourself to these topics: (1) the problem area and need for additional research in this area, (2) research purposes, questions, or hypotheses and their importance, (3) relationship to the existing literature, (4) the type of research being proposed, and (5) types of policy implications that might result from the findings. The abstract should be page 2 of your research proposal. III. Introduction State your research problem or issue and why it is important. This is where you emphasize the importance of your research. The bulk of this section will come from your graded Assignment 1. Be sure to incorporate any edits or corrections that were suggested. This will begin on page 3 of your proposal. IV. Literature Review Create an abridged literature review on your topic. The review should include at least 5 peer-reviewed studies but no more than 8. Make sure your literature review covers only previous studies directly relevant to the main topic of your proposal. The fact that an article is on the same general topic as yours is not sufficient reason to review it. Instead, focus on prior work that has looked specifically at the same (or very similar) topic as yours. The purpose of the review is to integrate and synthesize the major and foundational literature on your topic from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. In other words, make sure you discuss the major findings of this body of research and describe to the reader all of the major developments in this research area. What have others said about the topic? What theories address it, and what do they say (if applicable)? What research has been done? Are the findings consistent or do past studies disagree? Are there flaws in the body of existing literature that you feel you can remedy? Describe to the reader how all of the literature “fits together.” Remember, writing a review of the literature requires more than just listing and summarizing studies that relate to the research question. Conclude this section with your research hypotheses, taken from Assignment 2. The literature review section of your research proposal should be approximately 3-5 pages in length and describe the key theories (if applicable) and findings related to the study topic. Ideally, the majority of work cited should be published within the last 5 years (with the exception of foundational literature). V. Methods A. Sampling- Describe to the reader how you propose to sample from the population of interest. Whom do you want to be able to draw conclusions about? Who will be observed for that purpose? Use your Assignment 3 here. Be sure to incorporate any edits or corrections that were suggested. B. Measurement- What are the key independent and dependent variables in your study? How will you define and measure them? Do your definitions and measurement methods duplicate or differ from those of previous research on the topic? Are you using measures with established validity and reliability? Use part of your Assignment 2 here where applicable (i.e. not hypotheses). Be sure to incorporate any edits or corrections that were suggested. C. Research Design- What type of research design do you propose using to answer your research question? How well does this design suit your research question? What, if any, variables will you control for in the analysis to reduce the risk of spurious or intervening relationships? Use your Assignment 4 here. Be sure to incorporate any edits or corrections that were suggested. VI. Discussion Summarize the previous sections (III-V), making sure to emphasize the importance of your research question. How does your research build on existing research? What are some of the limitations of your research methodology (e.g., ability to measure key concepts, ability to address causal order issues, sampling issues, etc.). What do you think might be some important policy implications of the study?

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