What follows is the complete reference section from a recent article on police corruption.

The Lens Of Porter’s Five ForcesPrepared by: [Insert your name here]Project title: “Through the lens”IS-330, Winter/2018Anything in purple is a note to you and should not be included in the final document. I suppose that should be obvious… ALSO NOTE… The text in the pages below are single-spaced to conserve space in this document. With the exception of your references and your illustration your paper should be double spacedAbstractThe abstract begins on the line following the Abstract heading. The abstract is a one-paragraph, self-contained summary of the most important elements of the paper. Nothing should appear in the abstract that is not included in the body of the paper. The abstract explains the purpose of the paper and in key conclusion(s). The Abstract should be written as your final step to creating your paper. The reason is that it is far easier to write after you have competed everything else. Title of PaperThe introduction of the paper begins here. This should be a concise overview of what this document’s purpose is and what the conclusion that you want your reader to take away from this document is.Some background on [name of firm]This will be a statement that explains gives your reader some context about the firm you are using for your analysis and what industry that firm is in. It should give a concise statement about your firm. You should use your discretion to include what is essential information- for example, you might want to include some info regarding the size of the industry (in dollars), the firm, and any comments that would be worth sharing. You are being evaluated, in part, on what you decide to dig up and how you organize that info. If your firm is publically traded in the US then this information is easy to find as it is required to be published and updated regularly. Analysis of [chosen industry] using Porter’s Five Forces ModelVery concise statement that states that you are going to apply the Five Forces Model (with a cite to Porter’s original 1979 article in the Harvard Business Review). You should also explain, in your own words, that this is a modified version of the Model.Force 1 Threat of New EntryThis is a narrative in a paragraph or two that properly answers the questions from the Project Directions. As noted in those directions you need to answer the questions posed in a narrative style and in your own words. Obviously, any information you obtain should be properly cited and included in the references. You should review the helpful materials in the “Tips on formal writing” and familiarize yourself with how to include in-text citations and the corresponding references.Force 2 Buyer PowerSee comments associated with “Force 1” as they also apply here.Force 3 Threat of SubstitutionSee comments associated with “Force 1” as they also apply here.Force 4 Supplier PowerSee comments associated with “Force 1” as they also apply here.Force 5 Competitive RivalrySee comments associated with “Force 1” as they also apply here.Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position for [name of firm]This page will have Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position (which is provided for you). It should be customized for your firm and project. In other words, use your discretion, but this should effectively illustrate the points you make on the preceding pages.Your illustration should fit on a single page and you are going to have to rotate that page so that it is horizontal. If you don’t know how to do that then search online there are plenty of sources such as on YouTube which show how have a page (or pages) in the middle of a document be rotated. OBVIOUSLY the pages that follow the illustration should be in vertical. So you are going to have to figure out how to put it back. It’s not hard and it’s a good skill to know. Analysis of [name of firm] Generic Strategy and Impact of Information Technology in Supporting this Generic StrategyThis page will briefly address the Generic Strategy (Low Cost, Differentiation, Focused/Niche) that your firm follows to focus its competitive efforts relative to its competitors. In addition, this page will also include a brief discussion of how information technology supports the generic strategy of the firm and how this support is reflected in an analysis of Porter’s Value Chain Model.ConclusionThe conclusion for this assignment start on a new page should summarize key findings from the analysis. A REALLY excellent/superior/awesome sauce/exceed expectations conclusion will include, in a meaningful way, how your firm should consider “approaching the market” given what you discussed in the sections that precede the conclusion. This is a reference to the last page on the document provided, “Porter’s Five Forces, an overview”. How you approach incorporating these ideas, if at all, is something you should use your discretion on. ReferencesNOTE: This is your bibliography. You can call it that, you can also refer to it as “References” or “Cited sources”. Whichever you choose is fine; however, it should start on its own page. Some people prefer to have the references single-spaced. Whereas the rest of your document is double-spaced. What follows is the complete reference section from a recent article on police corruption. The sources below are all in APA format.

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