What good do memes do?

Essay Four: Wasik and outside primary source
Rough publish Due:
Final publish Due:
Format and Requirements: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, no cover page
In his essay “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project,” Bill Wasik describes the beginning of the flash mob as a social phenomenon. In inventing the flash mob, Wasik reveals the power and pitfalls of social media. He explains that he started his first flash mob as a social experiment motivated by his own boredom, and he reflects on the cultural conditions that made this social phenomenon so successful, as well as so temporary.
Assignment Objectives:
For this assignment, apply Wasik’s essay to investigate the role of memes in digital society, choosing a specific meme or set of memes to analyze. What good do memes do? Do they provide new means for artistic expression or for connecting people? Can they be used for social change? Are they harmless? What dangers or risks do they pose?
Criteria for Evaluation:
Argument: Argument directly and fully answers the prompt; is clearly stated early in the paper; is original, compelling and logical, avoiding absolute claims
Evidence: Appropriate amount of relevant, accurate, and justifiably interpreted quotation. Quotations are thoroughly introduced, explained, analyzed, and connected to argument. Possible counter-arguments are considered. Includes required number and types of sources.
Organization: Paragraphs maintain argumentative focus, exclude extraneous information, appear in a logical order, and transition smoothly. Introduction sets forth argument and goals of essay. Conclusion opens up avenues for future research.
Audience: Consistent, academic tone. Appropriate amount of contextual information, anticipating audience questions. Addresses significant issues and makes them important to audience.
Grammar and Format: Errors in grammar, spelling, and usage limited or non-existent. Correct MLA format, including proper quotation citation.

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