What implications might these have for Real Madrid’s international marketing strategy?

Please answer the questions below:
1.Evaluate the opportunities and threats to B F Rail of its approach to targeting infrastructure development projects being funded by the World Bank and other international institutions.
2.What are the key issues facing the further international development of B F Rail?
3.What recommendations would you make to Mr Baker to enable him to achieve his objective of developing a global profile?
Discussion Questions – Case two
To complete this task please answer the questions below:
1.What assumptions about consumer behaviour in the Far East underpinned the marketing decisions of both Real Madrid and Manchester United?
2.From a cross-cultural perspective, do you think the values and motivations of football consumers in the Far East differ from those of their European counterparts?
3.From a cultural perspective, why might an individual promotional tour of Japan be more successful than one of Spain?
4.What other cultural and behavioural considerations might you take into consideration when designing a strategy for the Beckhams in the Far East? What implications might these have for Real Madrid’s international marketing strategy?
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