What interventions would you use to counsel this woman?

t is important for counselors to continually monitor their own reactions and feelings during the therapeutic process. Think about your experiences with and feelings about death and dying. What do you think about the grieving the process? Are you afraid of dying? Do you think you can be empathic and objective and rational when counseling clients who are grieving? Would the age of the deceased and circumstances surrounding the death affect your ability to counsel a grieving client? Discuss your reactions and feelings with a partner. (15 points)

2. A 32-year-old woman is seeking counseling to help her adjust to the recent separation of her parents, precipitated by the discovery that her father has a girlfriend. The woman, who idolized her father and thought her parents had the perfect marriage, is angry and doesn’t want to have a relationship with her father unless he leaves the girlfriend. What interventions would you use to counsel this woman? (15 points)

3. What are some issues that someone faces when they lose a job? (10 points)

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