What is a database management system (DBMS)?

This paper is what is known as an ‘Annotated Bibliography’ (Note: My wife taught senior English for a decade, and says this is the appropriate term in Texas High Schools. I went to high school out of state, and learned it as a ‘Literature Review’. For the purposes of this assignment, please accept the use of the terms interchangably). You are simply going to find as many references on the subject that say things you think are interesting and apropos to your subject as you can.For this assignment, please find 10 academic sources (Journals, Academic Publications, Industry Sources, Trade Magazines, News Articles. Not: Wikipedia, Course Cheat Sites, the textbook). Each source needs an appropriately cited APA reference and a quick summary of why the source is interesting. Do not include any direct quotes. If you do not know how to do an APA reference, the UNT Dallas Writing Center is an excellent resource, and we will have them visit class to insure you have the training needed. To repeat: Do Not Include Direct Quotes.TopicThe textbook is divided into parts, chapters, and sections. Each section is titled with a Question. Then, in turn, the section is intended to answer that question. Your job is to pick the section title you find most interesting and answer that questions. Specifically, you should relate your answer to a company or an organization that you participate in (for example, an employer, a volunteer organization, a vendor, a church, a rock band, etc).SubmissionI reserve the right to ignore any submission not following these Submission instructions.You must submit the file as an attached Word document file. Make it APA style, and otherwise standard for an academic paper (Refer to the UNT Dallas Writing Center guidelines; in short that’s 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins, etc). If you need help with that, please feel free to contact The Writing Center for assistance (I teach Information Systems, I’m as likely to steer you wrong as not when it comes to formatting).In addition to submitting your annotated bibliography as a Word file, in the accompanying Text Entry slot, please grade yourself according to the following rubric. I will reference your grading, but it’s advisory only (i.e., if you critically describe your efforts to complete the assignment, I will be more likely to listen than if you say ‘I did everything perfect!’). Also include a Self-Reflection section where you discuss what you would do better next time or what you thought went well. Also include a Notes section for anything important related to the assignment but not part of the assignment.Additional information: Chapter 5 database processingwhat is the purpose of a database?What is a database?What is a database management system (DBMS)?How do database applications make databases more useful?How are data models used for database development?How is a data model transformed into a database design?How can falcon security benefit from a database system?2027?

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