What is an example of a rhetorical situation youve found yourself in?

Respond to each of the questions below; thoughtful responses will likely range from 200-250 words.
Audience & Purpose
What is an example of a rhetorical situation you’ve found yourself in? Discuss exigence, audience, and constraints. In what ways does understanding the rhetorical situation change the way you communicate?
Data Collection & Evidence
Describe your process for determining a source’s credibility, and then integrating evidence from that source into an academic essay. Why is this process valuable?
Prose Conventions
How are the prose conventions that you use determined by the genre in which you are writing? Consider not just issues of written style, but also document organization and design.

There are many ways to collaborate. To name a few, you can co-author a piece, engage in peer review, and participate in invention. How have the different ways we have collaborated in this class (Writing class) influenced your understanding of what it means to be a writer?
How has your definition of what it means to be a writer changed over the course of the semester? How is this definition influenced by your understanding of invention, revision, and reflection?

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