What is an example of a test for adaptive responses

justin was born at 41 weeks via a routine pregnancy. At 13 mos, he developed a staphylococcal abscess on his neck and was treated with antibiotics. At 15 mos he developed otitis media and severe sinusitis caused by Pseudomonas. while in the hospital he developed severe node swelling and an enlarged spleen and liver with dangerously high fever. a Ct scan revealed opaque areas in the liver that appeared to be round, benign lesions. a blood test upon entering and leaving the hospital show relatively normal numbers for granulocytes, monocytes, lymphocytes and antibodies. a test for adaptive responses revealed that justin responded to previous vaccinations, but somewhat less than expected. Justin continues to be seen for recurrent bacterial infections.

what cell types (2) are likely to be defective in justin?
what is an example of a test for adaptive responses?

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