What is currently happening with some senior employees at Zucchero?

Explain the importance of knowledge management and the
purpose of BI. What is currently happening with some senior
employees at Zucchero?
1.2 In your Excel spreadsheet change the percentages in the two
sensitivity tables to show the impact these have on the rest of the
spreadsheet. Produce a graph of your choice that represents the
1.3 Explain how the different forecasts in your Excel spreadsheet can
assist the General Manager with BI. Provide examples and refer to the
three graphs created.Five
Forces model
2.1 Write an analysis of supplier power for Zucchero using Porter’s
Five Forces model. How could this impact on Zucchero’s future sales?
2.2 Make recommendations on strategies that can be adopted by
Zucchero to improve their competitive advantage. Describe the role
information systems can play in achieving these strategies.The General Manager of Zucchero wants to explore the use of social
media to market and generate sales of their products.
3.1 Explain to Franka two (2) important questions that should be
answered before getting started on using social media for marketing
and selling Zucchero products direct to the public.5.1 Zucchero uses data relating to employees, customers, farmers,
distributors, inventory, sales etc. Explain with relevant examples, two
(2) potential internal or external threats to security that may
compromise the safety of data within Zucchero?5.2 Recommend ways to secure this data from the threats you have
listed.6.1 A consideration for Zucchero is to implement a supply chain
management (SCM) system. Explain to the General Manager how
supply chain management is less about managing the physical
movement of products and more about managing information.
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