What Is ExtenZe®?

ExtenZe® is an herbal supplement purported to aid penis enlargement. The advertising for this type of nutritional supplement claims natural male enhancement without the use of drugs or surgery. The source of several legal cases and much controversy and speculation, ExtenZe® is a popular alternative to other forms of penile enhancement and has been endorsed by a number of celebrities and athletes.
Made by BIOTAB Nutraceuticals, Incorporated®, ExtenZe® boasts a list of all-natural ingredients. Zinc, black pepper, and yohimbe extract are among the components of ExtenZe®. The supplements are sometimes compared to Enzyte®, another type of all-natural male enhancement, but Enzyte® contains far fewer ingredients and is manufactured by the limited liability company Vianda.
The promotional materials touting the benefits of ExtenZe® herald these dietary supplements as a surefire way to increase a man’s penis size when taken exactly as the package dictates. The manufacturer even offers a money-back guarantee that the herbal pills will work. The materials also state that the supplement only produces temporary enhancement of penis size and any enlargement is not indicated to be long-lasting.
The main goal of ExtenZe® is to better sexual health through temporary enlargement of the penis. The size of a man’s penis increases his confidence, the manufacturer suggests, thereby increasing satisfaction with his sexual life. The supplements are claimed to make the penis longer and harder.
ExtenZe®’s manufacturers do not assert that the herbal drug treats erectile dysfunction or impotence, though they do state that taking the pills as directed will result in more frequent, longer lasting erections. They also avow that the supplement will increase the intensity of orgasms and enhance sexual desire. The literature suggests that the drug will reinvigorate the user’s sex life and heighten sensitivity in the penis.
The supplements come in pill form and one tablet is taken each day. Though the manufacturer proclaims ExtenZe® to be safe with no harmful side effects, there have been several effects reported by regular users; these include headaches, insomnia, and heart palpitations. The yohimbe extract component is also thought to possess unique side effects of its own: the most prevalent are raised blood pressure and body temperature, nausea, and rapid heart rate. Although the pills are entirely natural, it is recommended that prospective users consult their doctors to make sure the tablets will not interact with any other medications being taken. The manufacturer advises making ExtenZe® a part of one’s daily supplement regimen.

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