What is it that causes us to buy?

Form: 4-6 Pages long PLUS a Works Cited Page, double-spaced, computer printed, MLA formatted, and 12 font. You must have a minimum of at least 1000 words to receive credit. Please bring in at least 1000 words for the Rough publish or up to 10% will be deducted from the essay grade. You must have at least 1000 words for the final version of your paper for your essay to be passing no matter how good it may be otherwise.
NOTE: You must submit this paper to Turnitin.com to receive credit for it and the English Department’s 5 Major Errors on Average Per Page Policy applies to this assignment (see syllabus).
Content: We live in a consumer culture where we have access to a wide range of goods and services such as food, clothing, household amenities, music, technological devices, and so on. We can buy—whether we can afford it or not—almost anything we want anytime.
For this essay, you will write on the causes of consumerism and, if you wish, also discuss the effects of consumerism. Keep in mind though that your primary focus in this essay should be exploring why we consume.
Here are some questions that would be useful to consider for your essay.
• What is it that causes us to buy? Are we being manipulated by savvy marketers and advertising companies? Or are we outsmarting them and buying what we really “need”?

• If we are being manipulated by the media to buy products, how is this happening? If we are outsmarting the media and buying what we “need,” how is this happening?

Please use at least TWO quotes in your body paragraphs, each taken from one of these articles: “Kid Kustomers,” “The Marlboro Man: The Perfect Campaign,” the handout that contains “The Persuasive Techniques of Contemporary Advertising,” “On Sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies.”

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Moreover, in addition to the above two quotes, you must have at least THREE examples from print ads, TV commercials, TV personalities, lyrics and music videos, movies, or sitcoms (i.e, three print ads, or two TV commercials and the lyrics from one song, and so on).
You are welcome but not required to include scanned pictures in your essay of ads you analyze. Please use color if the ads originally appeared in color.
Essay Requirements:
–An Introduction with a hook such as an interesting question. The Intro should move from general to specific, establishing appropriate context. (1-2 paragraphs)
–A Thesis that is clear, focused, and narrowed. It needs to be one to two sentences in length. Your thesis for this essay should explain why we consume, i.e, what you see as the main causes of consumerism. If you discuss the effects in your paper, your thesis should also touch on those. Your thesis should be placed at the end of your Introduction. Underline your thesis on both the Rough publish and the Final publish of your essay.
–At least 3-4 body paragraphs that describe the causes of consumerism.
–Each of these paragraphs should have a main point and ideas that naturally follow from the preceding paragraphs and sentences, avoiding a formula
–Thoughtful analysis

–Use at least 2 quotes in the body paragraphs from either one assigned reading or two assigned readings. Be sure to introduce each quote and comment on it in relation to your points and ideas. Also, be sure to correctly document each quote.

–Use at least 3 examples from the media sources mentioned at the top of this page and comment on them in relation to your points and ideas.

–Include a conclusion that moves beyond summary by framing the topic of the essay in a larger cultural context.

–A Work Cited page for all sources

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