What is one piece of information you can often find in the introduction of an academic article?

According to Rosenberg, even though the abstract is only a summary of the article, and even though you may not entirely understand everything you read in the abstract, reading the abstract can help you better understand a scholarly article. True

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What is one piece of information you can often find in the introduction of an academic article?a.The author’s publishing backgroundb.Why the author wrote the articlec.The author’s conclusionsd.Why the audience should care about the article

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With which of the following statements would Rosenberg most likely agree?a.All scholarly articles have clearly marked introductionsb.Reading the introduction of a scholarly article will provide important context for the articlec.It’s okay to gloss over the introduction and get into the meat of a scholarly articled.The introduction is often the most confusing part of a scholarly article

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According to Rosenberg, understanding the conclusion of an article is the key to reading a scholarly text effectively and efficiently. True

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Which of the following is the most likely reason the author wrote this article?a.To informb.To entertainc.To analyzed.To persuade

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