What is the alternative for a decision-maker whose values confront policy?

Two elements are critical for decision makers—information and values.

Analyze and explain which of these you would rely on most heavily for making decisions.

When you examine the decisions that the executive branch made, analyze and explain which of these elements you feel the administrators seem to rely on the most.

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Explain in detail why you think this is the case.

Pretty hard to escape who we are. Decisions made in ignorance reflect the ignorance of the decision maker. A better way to ask this question is this. Does the decision-maker follow the law or his/her conscience. Put yourself into the shoes of a decision maker with strong religious beliefs. I can give you two recent illustrations. What is the alternative for a decision-maker whose values confront policy?
1. (2005), Following the US Supreme Court decision granting marriage licenses to gay couples, the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk of the court refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple because her religious beliefs did not sanction the gay lifestyle. Nor did she want her name on the paperwork, as required by state law.” The law was changed to allow a deputy to sign the license.
2. (2017) “When the Trump administration chose E. Scott Lloyd, a prominent antiabortion activist and attorney, to head the federal agency that oversees refugee affairs, he quickly set about enforcing strict policies. For months, even as he personally intervened in cases and tried to talk young women out of getting abortions, his efforts drew little attention. The case of a 17-year-old pregnant girl in an immigration detention center in Texas has suddenly changed that. . The dispute could be an important early test of both abortion rights and the treatment of immigrants in custody in the Trump era.” The young woman was granted access to medical care a month later and she terminated the pregnancy.

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