What is the amount of Brandon Co.’s stockholders’ equity?

uestion is–using basic accounting equation answer : (a) The liabilities of Lantz Company are $90,200 and the stockholders’ equity is $ 261,000. What is the amount of Lantz Company’s total assets? $_____ (b) the total assets of Salley Company are $182,000 and it’s stockholders’equity is $83,000.What is the amount of its total liabilities? $_____ (c) The total assets of Brandon Co. are $840,000 and its liabilities are equal to one- fourth of its total assets. What is the amount of Brandon Co.’s stockholders’ equity?

The proprietor form of business organization 1-,Combines the records of the business with the personal records of the owner , or 2- must have at least 2 owners in most states, or 3-?is classified as a separate legal entity?, or 4- generally receives favorable tax treatment relative to a corporation

Most business enterprises in the United States are: 1- government units 2- propiertorships and partnerships 3- partnerships 4- corporations
A business organized as a separate legal entity is a : 1- partnership 2- propiertor 3- government unit 4- corporation

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Which of the following is the BEST definition of an internal user of accounting information? 1- managers who use accounting information to plan, organize , and run a business 2- creditors like banks that use accounting information to evaluate the risk of lending money 3- investors who use accounting information to decide whether to buy or sell stock 4- labor unions who use accounting information to examine the ability of the company to pay increased wages and benefits

Which of the following groups uses accounting information primarily to insure the entity is operating within prescribed rules? 1- labor unions 2-regulatory agencies 3- management 4- taxing authorities
Which of the following exyernal groups uses accounting information to determine whether the company can pay its obligations ? 1- investors in common stock? 2- creditors 3- chief financial officer, or 4- marketing managers?
Which of the following financial statements is divided into major categories of operating, investing, and financial activities? 1- the income statement 2- the statement of cash flows 3- the balance sheet 4- the retained earnings statement
Ending retained earnings for a period is equal to beginning: 1- retained earnings- net income + Dividends 2- retained earnings+net income-Dividends 3- retained earnings + net income +Dividends 4- retained earnings- net income-Dividends
The financial statement that summarizes the changes in retained earnings for a specific period of time is the: 1- income statement 2- statement of cash flow 3- balance sheet 4- retained earnings statement
To show how successful your business performed during a period of time, you would report its revenues and expenses in the: 1- statement of cash flow 2- retained earnings statement 3- balance sheet 4- income statement
Which financial statement is prepared first? 1- income statement 2-Balance sheet 3-Retained earnings statement 4- Statement of cash flows
An income statement shows : 1- expenses, dividends, and stockholders equity 2- revenues, expenses, and net income 3- assets, liabilities, and stockholders equity 4- revenues, liabilities, and stockholders equity
Dividends paid : 1- decreased retained earnings 2- increase expenses 3- decrease revenues 4- increase assets

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