What is the best medium for this message?

We are sorry to inform you
that your credentials were not as impressive as the other candidates who
applied for the position.B) We think that you are
talented, but feel the position would best be filled by a younger, more vibrant
candidate.C) Unfortunately, we were more
impressed by the other candidates.D) We don’t think that you are
the right fit for this position at this point in time.E) After much consideration, we
have offered the position to another candidate. 6) A coworker asks for your help
on a project but you are busy with other responsibilities and won’t be able to
assist her. Which of the following is the most accurate statement about this
situation?A) You should use the ACE process
for delivering bad news to tell your coworker that you are unable to help.B) Since she is a colleague and
not your superior this is not an example of a bad-news message.C) It is an informal situation
and does not require the news to be conveyed sensitively.D) You should say nothing and
hope that your coworker gets the message that you are too busy to help her.E) You should tell your coworker
that you’ll try to help her, even though you know your schedule won’t permit
it, to let her down gently. 7) All of the following questions
are part of the analyzing stage of the ACE process for delivering bad news
EXCEPTA) How will the audience react to
this news?B) What is the best medium for
this message?C) Should I include an apology?D) Should I begin with the bad
news or lead up to it?E) What business result do I want
to achieve? 8) When using ACE for bad-news
messages, which of the following should be considered during the composing
stage of the process?A) Can I do anything else to
project a positive image and maintain goodwill?B) How can I close the message
appropriately?C) What is the best medium for
this message?D) Have I avoided legal
complications?E) Does the message project a
good image of me? 9) Angelina has to reject an
employee’s request for time off, and is trying to determine the best medium to
deliver this message. She is also thinking about what the employee’s reaction
will be, and if there is anything she can say to soften the bad news. Angelina
is engaged in which stage of the ACE process for delivering bad-news messages?A) AnalyzingB) AddressingC) ComposingD) CritiquingE) Evaluating 10) Before ________ a bad-news
message, ________ the situation by asking yourself several questions that help
you develop content and choose the best medium.A) analyzing; evaluateB) analyzing; composeC) composing; evaluateD) composing; analyzeE) evaluating; compose

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