What is the chief advantage of primary data?

Question 1
The purpose of market segmentation is to:
reduce the market down to a size the firm can handle
divide the market into equal size and profit regions for
sales territories
group a large number of markets together, enabling a company
to serve them simultaneously
develop a generalized definition of the market as a whole
enable the marketer to tailor marketing mixes to meet the
needs of one or more specific groups
Question 2
For a product to be called a business product, it must be
used to manufacture other products, become part of another product, or aid the
normal operations of an organization.
Question 3
Which of the following tools is particularly effective for
B-to-B marketers to use for product demonstration?
text messaging
social networking sites
mobile marketing
Question 4
To save money on marketing research, a marketing manager
suggests that the company use the results of a survey conducted last year
because similar questions were asked then. The manager is suggesting use of
primary data.
Question 5
A segmentation plan must produce segments that are
accessible-that is, the firm must be able to reach members of targeted segments
with customized marketing mixes.
Question 6
A market is people or organizations that have:
the ability, willingness, and power to buy.
a medium of exchange and products they desire.
needs and wants and an ability and willingness to buy.
unmet needs or wants and products or services that satisfy
those unmet needs or wants.
communication, financial, and capital resources.
Question 7
Marketing research has three functional roles. These roles
normative, descriptive, and explanatory
predictive, normative, and persuasive
descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive
flexible, interactive, and discovery-oriented
descriptive, explanatory, and predictive
Question 8
The first step in the marketing research process is to
identify and formulate the problem/opportunity.
Question 9
Because formal committees are often established to purchase
business products, members of buying centers can be readily identified on
formal organizational charts.
Question 10
Managers can use the NAICS data to:
create a more focused mission statement.
eliminate risk.
classify consumer behavior.
Identify potential new customers.
determine purchase motives.
Question 11
The marketing researcher for Bubastis Cat Treats has noticed
a growing number of cat owners purchasing organic treats for their pets. The
researcher thinks there is a market for organic cat treats, but she’s not sure
if the segment is substantial. In this case, substantiality means the segment:
has enough special stores, magazines, and other outlets that
it will be possible to direct advertisements at this group
Is large enough to permit a profitable market effort toward
its members
exhibits a response rate to marketing variables different
from the rates of other segments
is too large and needs to be reduced to a more easily
identifiable and measurable size
will be difficult to develop a product to match this group
of buyers
Question 12
A market segmentation study done by the University of
Thessaly in Greece classified recreational skiers in terms of their gender,
age, and income levels. The study used psychographic segmentation variables.
Question 13
The reseller market is the same as the retailer market.
Question 14
Rod saw a television commercial for a Honda S2000 and wants
to test-drive one. The commercial is an example of a(n) _____ stimulus.
Question 15
Noah perceives the purchase of a tattoo to be a socially risky
decision because he thinks that people will judge him unfairly if he has a
tattoo. Hayley, however, does not perceive getting a tattoo as particularly
risky behavior. As far as social risk is concerned, getting a tattoo will be a
higher-involvement activity for Noah than for Hayley.
Question 16
Hensley Poultry is a wholesaler that buys poultry food and
health products from Provini, Inc., feeding systems from Big Dutchman, Inc.,
and incubation systems from Copca Corp. Hensley then sells those products to
poultry producers and farmers’ cooperatives in Iowa. Hensley Poultry could be
best classified as a(n):
distribution network.
inventory carrier.
specialty retailer.
Question 17
Consumers with prior experience in buying a certain product
will spend less time searching for product information and will limit the
number of products that they consider.
Question 18
The steps of the consumer decision-making process in order
need recognition, alternative aggregation, reevaluation,
purchase decision, postpurchase behavior
need positioning, stimulus response reactions, evaluation of
alternatives, purchase decision, postpurchase behavior
need positioning, alternative aggregation and divestment,
purchase decision, postpurchase evaluation
information search, need positioning, evaluation of
alternatives, product trial, purchase decision, postpurchase satisfaction
need recognition, information search, evaluation of
alternatives, purchase, and postpurchase behavior
Question 19
Managers must combine specific pieces of information needed
to identify the marketing research problem. Their _____ is to provide
insightful decision-making information.
company-correlated goal
autonomous task
dichotomous goal
marketing research objective
field service objective
Question 20
B-to-B marketers have found that they can use tools such as LinkedIn
and YouTube to boost brand awareness.
Question 21
Marketers are rediscovering that the
“one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing is still relevant.
Question 22
The single largest business customer in the world is the
U.S. retailer Walmart.
Question 23
What is the chief advantage of primary data?
Low cost compared to secondary data
Answers specific research questions that secondary data
cannot answer
Availability to any interested party for use
Accessibility through computerized databases
Avoiding interviewer biases
Question 24
Which of the following is the BEST example of an internal
stimulus that would create need recognition?
A friend comments on how shabby your coat looks
A radio station runs an ad for a new video game rental store
A headache
An invitation to a graduation for which you need a gift
A billboard promoting a new national Internet service

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