What is the competitive advantage?

Visit and analyze the BarkBox Website: https://www.barkbox.com Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Do a Google search on BarkBox and see what else you find.
2. View the Video Series From Idea to Business: Build a Business Model Canvas http://www.entrepreneurship.org/Business-Model-Canvas.aspx for detailed tutorial and examples of how to complete a Business Model Canvas.
3. Go to https://canvanizer.com create a free account and make a “Business Model Canvas” for BarkBox based on your research into the company.
Here is the Editable link: https://canvanizer.com/canvas/_04n9dP9rxk
4. Feel free to make some educated guesses and assumptions and do additional research as needed.
5. Write up an analysis (4 – 6 pages) Answer the following questions in your analysis
a. What is BarkBox’s business model?
b. What is BarkBox’s revenue model?
c. Who are the target customer segments?
d. What is the competitive advantage?
e. What are the market forces, key trends, industry competitive forces, and macro-economic forces?
f. Evaluate BarkBox’s overall E-commerce presence
g. How is the company using (or could use) one-to-one marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, blog marketing and social network marketing in its marketing strategy to reach its target customers?
6. Be sure to include a readable link of your completed Canvanizer business model

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