What is the difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication?

1.What is the difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication?

2. Describe several ways that communication technology can assist individuals and organizations.

3.What legal and ethical concerns are raised over the use of technology?

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4.How does communication in work teams differ from that of traditional organizations?

5.Why has communication been identified as perhaps the single most important aspect of team work?

6.What roles do culture and gender play in nonverbal communication?

7.How is the activity of listening impacted by the particular situation?

8.Discuss six (6) bad listening habits. Which do you think is the biggest challenge for you personally?

9.What is a possible cause of most conflict between or among groups?

10. How are a group and a team different?

11.List and describe the seven (7) primary characteristics that capture the essence of an organization’s culture.

12.List and explain eight (8) common channel choice considerations.

13.Perception is part of the communication process that involves how we look at others. List and describe seven (7) audience characteristics.

14. What are the differences between a deductive and an inductive approach/order?

15. List the benefits that come with outlining before communicating.

16. What is the Communicator’s Golden Rule?

17. Define/describe active and passive voice. Give examples of both.

18.List the seven (7) steps in the process for planning and preparing spoken and written messages.

19.What is a topic sentence? What is the difference between deductive and inductive paragraphs. List some coherence techniques and why are they used?

20. What habits hinder your success or enjoyment of writing? Identify ways to overcome them.

21. How does online writing challenge a writer’s effort to develop a seamless, coherent document?

22.Why do some writers rush through the proofreading phase of message development?

23.List seven (7) examples of the use of bias-free language.

24.List and describe six (6) procedures you can use to insure an error free product.

25. What practices should be followed to avoid sending a “flame”?

26. How does communication differ when emailing, instant messaging, and texting?

27.How are interorganizational project teams using the Web to achieve goals?

28. What guidelines apply to recording an effective voice message? What guidelines would you use to leave an effective voice message on another’s phone?

29.Which communication channels are preferred when sending a message that is personal or confidential? Why?

30.Discuss guidelines for communicating with an international audience.

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