” What is the effectiveness of adopting Surgical Time Out policy in improving patient safety in the Operating Room? ”

Using the research question identified during assessment 1 essay 1; develop a well justified research proposal (use a broad range of literature to support assertions) that addresses the headings as numbered below. Note for this assignment not all elements of the research proposal are required to be included.
Consider carefully the research approach based on the framing of the question (i.e. congruence between question, research design and all aspects requested for the research proposal must be demonstrated).

Present the proposal and the justification discussion under the following headings:
1. Introduction
2. Research aims, specific objectives of the study and question
3. Sampling and recruitment of participants
4. Ethical considerations discussion (NB Also attach a UOW formatted information sheet and consent form as an appendix)
5. Proposed research approach
6. Discussion about the instrument to answer the research question
7. Issues (e.g. reliability, validity, transferability, confirmability)
8. Analysis
9. Conclusion

You are required to develop your own question and proposal. Develop the proposal in terms of what is doable for Higher Degree Research Students with limited resources and a time frame of completion. This proposal and discussion needs to be your own work and one that has not previously been submitted for review, feedback or marking.
Essay writing principles apply. Headings may be used. Please use critical discussion, not bullet points or lists. Support all statements by referring to appropriate contemporary research based literature.


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