What is the highest level of education you have attained?

Sociology Project Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is your age (if they are reluctant to give their age, ask for age range)?
Example of age range 18-22/ 23-27/ 28-32 or 20-30, 30-40 and so on
2. How do you describe your gender?
3. How would you identify your race/ethnicity?
4. What is your perceived socio-economic status (ask the respondent to give their definition of socio-economic status and they do not have to confine themselves to preexisting class classifications such as upper-class or middle-class or lower-class)?
5. What is your religious affiliation?
6. What is the highest level of education you have attained?
7. What is your current relationship status (married, single, widowed, divorced, living together but not married, dating)?
8. What kind of family background do you come from (example, single parent, nuclear family etc.)?

Research Questions
What does father involvement/fathering mean to you?
Do you think that black fathers do fathering differently as opposed to white fathers/Latino fathers/fathers of Asian descent?
What do you think, if any, account for differences in fathering between black fathers and other race/ethnicites?
Interview information:

Zechang Zhang’s interviews 1st person
middle – class
No religions affiliation
College student
Father is like a harsh teacher, he supports me to be a good man. If I have a mistake in my life, he will stricture me.
2.  Yes
3.   I think black father are kindly, they always communicate with their children.

2nd person
upper – class : Make over $150000 per year
Father is a great image for me, he educate me when I was a child. When I am unfairly treated, my father will stand up and help me.
I think all the fathers are same. They all love their child.
Body paragraph
Begin with a methodology section which explains in detail, how the data was gathered, what technique(s) were used in data gathering, why the technique used was the best, what kind of data was used, how the data was used, the limitations of the data. Ensure to give a synopsis of the data characteristics. A complete data guide can be attached as an appendix if the group so desires.
Data results should be presented from the semi-structured interviews. Results must include what father involvement means, fathering difference between black fathers and fathers of other race/ethnicities and what accounts for differences between black father and fathers form other race/ethnicities. Please make note of how the aforementioned differences are stratified by interviewee race/ethnicity, gender, education, socio-economic background etc. For example, what major themes were derived from the research question responses.
Please note that as a matter of style, the group can present the data findings (results) and then have another heading, “Discussion”, where they discuss with empirical data, the results they just presented. Another style format is to present the results and discussion together. After each research question results are presented, the group can then discuss the results thereafter. Again, this is a matter of style and is left entirely up to the group.
Use the aforementioned theoretical frameworks and prior literature to explain the differences in the definitions in father involvement, the perceived differences between black fathers and fathers from other race/ethnicities and the reasons for these perceived differences.

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