What is the main issue the author is addressing? What is the authors central point? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article? What makes the article interesting and important? How will this synthesis of what the author has to say help you apply what you are learning to your own work in the profession?

how your own values, biases, and beliefs can affect how you make ethical decisions

You will incorporate data from several sources about a chosen ethical topic into a 3- to 5-page academic paper. You will also look at how your own values, biases, and beliefs can affect how you make ethical decisions and how you’ll use the Ethics Code in your future job. The bulk of the essay will be devoted to synthesizing data from your sources. No more than one page should be devoted to examining one’s own prejudices, beliefs, and values.


Use the APA Ethics Code to help you choose your topic as you go over the readings from Units 1, 2, and 3. After choosing a topic, locate and include at least three articles from the Kaplan Library that are related to it.

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You will summarize the readings from the textbook and the articles you choose in this essay. Think about the following:


What is the major problem the author is trying to solve?


What is the main argument of the author?


What are the article’s advantages and disadvantages?


What distinguishes the piece as important and engaging?


How will this summary of the author’s ideas enable you to apply what you are learning to your own professional work?


After combining the concepts from the articles and textbook, consider your own background (biases, beliefs, values, etc.) and how it might affect how you make ethical decisions. How will you strike a balance between your individual influences and the rules found in the Ethics Code? How will you use the Ethics Code in your professional life?


The essay ought to:


Follow the instructions for the assignment for optimal outcomes.


Observe the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition’s guidelines for proper APA formatting.


Create creative items in Standard American English to demonstrate college-level communication.


written in clear, precise, and error-free Standard American English. Remember to seek assistance from the Kaplan University Writing Center if necessary.


Your essay ought to contain:


Name Page




3 to 5 page main body of the paper


citation page


How to Submit Your Paper:


Insert your essay into a Word document. Save it with your complete name and the class number in a place you will remember. When you are prepared to submit it, click the Dropbox link and follow these instructions:


Select the “Submit an Assignment” link.


Choose Unit 3: Assignment from the “Submit to Basket” menu.


Include at least the title of your paper in the “Comments” area.


Select “Add Attachments” from the menu.


To attach your Word document, follow the directions indicated.


If your instructor has left you any helpful input, you should check Dropbox again.


Make sure to keep a copy of the assignment you sent in.



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