What is the main reason that a physician would refer a patient to a different doctor? A. The doctor isnt accepting new patients. B. The patient has requested a transfer. C. The patient needs specialized care. D. The original doctor doesnt accept the patients insurance

What is the main reason that a physician would refer a patient to a different doctor

What is the primary justification for a doctor to recommend a patient to another doctor? A. The physician doesn’t take on new patients. B. The patient has made a transfer request. Specialized treatment is required for the patient. D. The patient’s insurance is not accepted by the primary care physician. 2. SimChart’s A. Form Repository can be used to generate a deposit slip for the medical office. B. Patient accounting C. Module for Coding and Billing D. Writing letters 3. How is a new patient entered into SimChart for the medical office? Searching for patient demographics A. Using the Find Patient link B. C. Making use of the patient dashboard Getting to the billing module, D 4. To book A. holidays, select “Other” from the “Add Appointment” menu. B. staff conferences. visits to patients. D. travel distance. 5. For a patient to take home, a doctor requests that a medical assistant prepare a handout about hypertension. Which EHR core function does this represent, exactly? A. Administrative procedures; B. Patient assistance C. Population health D. Support for decision-making 6. An altered hybrid workplace A. solely uses the EHR for new patients. Until the old records can be entered into the EHR, B. uses paper records solely. C. keeps a backup copy of the same record on paper and in the electronic health record. Despite not using an EHR, D. uses practice management software. 7. A progress note should be written for a pap smear. B. medical background. Order entry, or C.D. proactive services. 8. What else do you call a patient visit? Documentation, encounter, evaluation, assessment, and so on Which of the following assertions about the waiting area is true? A. Due to the possibility that some patients may have conditions that make them sensitive to light, the waiting area should be dim. B. Patients frequently advertise their enterprises in the waiting area. C. As long as toys are cleaned every day, they’re fine. D. Political literature should be available in the waiting area during election years. 10. A patient is given an antibiotic by their doctor to treat a UTI. The patient’s pharmacist receives the prescription right away. The pharmacist alerts the doctor after noticing the patient has an allergy to this drug. Which fundamental activity is exemplified by this? A. Administrative procedures; B. Patient assistance C. Management of health information; D. Management of orders What is the purpose of protected health information? A. Health information kept on paper or electronically; B. Electronic storage and transmission of health information The procedure for making paper patient records available D. Information security during the switch from paper to electronic records 12. The patient, a medical assistant, and a doctor all write the point-of-care (POC) record. B. The doctor’s preferred time for documentation is used. C. The practitioner completes the documentation while or right after following the patient encounter. D. The paperwork is created on paper first, then scanned and entered into the EHR. Which of the above conditions is regarded as an acute condition? Heart illness is Sinusitis, B Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A. Asthma Katie is undergoing treatment for seasonal allergies at an ENT specialist. Only copies of the sinus x-rays and progress notes related to the treatment of rhinitis are submitted to the specialist’s office. What’s the name of this circumstance? Consent A. Minimum essential requirement HIPAA disclosure; PHI Which of the following emails would not be appropriate for a medical assistant to send? A. Modifications to office procedures; B. A request for a referral to a different physician; C. A response to a patient’s email with treatment recommendations D. Information on patient education 16. A user’s landing page in an electronic health record is Calendar View. A. Patient dashboard; letter B. C. Finding a patient. Ledgers of patients, D. 17. How long must a medical establishment keep its appointment books on hand? 6 years, 5 years, 1 year, and 3 years, respectively. 18. Geraldine has received an MVP referral from a cardiologist. With Geraldine’s consent, the specialist has access to the pertinent heart history in the EHR. Which fundamental activity is exemplified by this? A. Health data and information management B. Administrative procedures C. Connectivity and electronic communication D. Patient assistance 19. The transition from paper-based to electronic records should include a project (or charter) leader. bear financial responsibility for the EHR project. work as a clinician for the organization. C. give staff members explicit instructions during the implementation process. final test run the office. 20. Kim is scheduled to speak with a specialist about her persistent syncopal episodes. She needs to send the specialist a copy of her PMH. What is Kim required to offer? Consent, authorization, authentication, and contract are in that order.



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