What is the major trauma incident and care in Saudi Arabia

do a Research method assignment in the topic of (Trauma Incident and Care in Saudi Arabia)
The assignment should be 3000 words (plus or minus 300 words). Word length excludes references.
You have to avoid any plagiarism
The main assignment for this module is a research proposal, on similar lines to those you would expect to prepare for a bid for funding. The assignment provides an opportunity set out your plans for any subsequent thesis or dissertation. It must comprise the sections:
1. Abstract. This should summarise the whole proposal and should not exceed 150 words.
2. Research topic. This should set out the topic for the proposed research, and justifies why you have chosen to study it. You are strongly advised to select a topic for this assignment that will also be the subject for your dissertation.
3. Review of previous research. This should include a comprehensive review of current knowledge relating to the research topic, based on the most recent research in peer-reviewed journals. You are strongly advised to use systematic review techniques.
4. Research question. This should comprise a single question which the proposed research will answer through the systematic collection and analysis of data.
5. Research design. This should set out the most appropriate research design for answering the research question. You are strongly advised to discuss the appropriateness of alternative research designs and justify the research design you have chosen in preference to others.
6. Population and sample. The should describe the population and sample(s) for the study, discuss alternative sampling methods, and justify the method for selecting the sample(s) in the proposed research. You are strongly advised to justify the size of the proposed sample(s).
7. Research instruments. This should review alternative means of collecting data, assess their validity and reliability, and define the means of collecting information to be used in the proposed research.
8. Procedures. This should describe the procedures for contacting subjects and carrying out the research.
9. Ethics. This should discuss the ethical issues involved in the research, and issues relating to gaining consent.
10. Impact. This should describe the probable impact of the research on health and clinical practice.

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