What is the market positioning and differentiation of competitors in the market?

Phase 2 – Nature of Industry Marketing and Competitive Positioning Strategies
• Identify the kinds of strategy selection used by the Client Partner and competitors (e.g. six basic strategies can be the starting point for your own custom strategy – Cost Leader with Product Life Cycle Focus; Differentiation with Product Life Cycle Focus; Broad Cost Leader; Broad Differentiation; Niche Cost Leader; Niche Differentiator or Porter’s Generic Strategies.
• What is the market positioning and differentiation of competitors in the market? Market positions and strengths and weakness of main competitors and internal environmental issues where relevant such as organisations resources, capabilities and core competencies (Resource Based View), primarily of our partner and its product.
• What are the kinds of marketing mix strategies of the Client Partner and competitors?
• branding, product/service design, packaging, before and after sales services
• prices, margins, finance and contractual arrangements
• advertising and promotion
• marketing channels, logistics, margins, role of e-commerce.
• Cooperative Strategies: strategic alliances, supplier, customer, distributor and complementor relations (including technical alliances, government relations, co-marketing arrangements, sponsorship, trade associations, etc.)
• Other aspects of trade and marketing practices and issues not elsewhere covered.
• Environmental factors affecting competitive and cooperative strategies (including, socio-cultural, economic and material environment, government and regulations (taxes, tarriffs, trade practices act), technology (standards bodies), professional bodies and relevant infrastructure (media, transport, finance etc.)
• Use the ‘Barriers to Entry’, ‘Internal Rivalry’ and ‘Substitute Products’ analysis of Porter’s 5 Forces for the industry.
• Any marketing models or frameworks applied to the competitive conditions you consider appropriate.
• Use appropriate Blue Ocean Strategy theory and models to evaluate the competitive position. (See Appendix 3 for Model and Chapter Table)
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