What is the maximum rate according to the sampling theorem?

NOTE: For this assignment, you may need to research some missing information, and do someextra reading. Please citeany references usedfor eachproblemNOTE 2: iialut sureallyour solutions are legible,andperformed with aneat organized approach.1- A data transmission facility has a 1.544 Mb/s rate and Pt..=10000·7 (Bit error rateprobability).What isthe percentage of error-free seconds?2- A system consisting of seven links in tandem has a bit error probability of Io..s per link. Whatis the end-to-end error probability?3- Numerous bandwidth definitions have been devised, such as the 3-dB bandwidth, the I -dBbandwidth, the noise bandwidth, etc. Explain these definitions (a sketch would help understandingthe concepts). Also, explain why these bandwidths cannot be converted from one to another by simpleformulas.What additional infonnation isneeded to convert from one bandwidth to another?4- Explain why the tolerable channel noise level decreases as the number of modulation levelsincreases, assuming the bit error probability is to be held constant.5- Why can a 9.6 kilobaud transmiss ion rate not be sent over a voice bandwidth line? What is the maximum rate according to the sampling theorem?6- Explain why digital techniques at baseband appear to exhibit twice as much spectral efficiency(bis per Hz) as techniques involving the modulation of a digital waveform on a carrier.

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