What is the national debt in 2015?

Read the following article and use the information to complete this week’s individual assignment:

Romina Boccia, “Federal Spending by the Numbers, 2014: Government Spending Trends in Graphics, Tables, and Key Points.” The Heritage Foundation. December 8, 2014.


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After you have read the article thoroughly… Write a 1, 200- to 1600-word paper in which you analyze the following: Define budget deficits. What is the national debt in 2015? What does that amount equate to per each American family? How many cents per dollar was borrowed money that our federal government spent last year (in 2014)? What percentage has discretionary spending increased over the past 20 years? What is meant by the term “entitlement programs”? Which program is the greatest driver of the national debt and how much will it add in federal spending in the next 10 years? What does the small business tax credit have to do with Obamacare? What percentage of the projected growth in spending over the next 10 years is due only to entitlement spending and interest on the national debt? What three national programs are increasing debt at the most significant and rapid pace? Who benefits from these programs? Who pays for these programs? Do you agree or disagree that our nation is on a dangerous economic course? What do you believe are some of the more disturbing examples of government waste listed in the article? At what point do you think our national debt will be no longer tolerated and called upon for repayment? Having the facts in mind, what would you suggest as a remedy for stopping the cycle of having to borrow increasing amounts of money for yours and younger generations to be encumbered with?

You may answer the above in essay format, in which you should format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. However, you may also answer the above in an enumerated list of the questions and answers. Either format is acceptable. In either case, however, do not forget to proofread your writing.

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