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  • Complete your persuasive speech outline using the Speech Outline Template Word Document and attach it to your post for discussion.
  • In your post, identify two specific areas you would like peer feedback on. Examples may include:
    • The use of tone
    • Quality of points and sub-points
    • Alignment of certain sections (introduction, body, conclusion) to identified purpose
    • Effectiveness of introduction
    • Effectiveness of conclusion
    • Appropriate and ethical use of reasoning, evidence, and emotions
    • Other
  • Describe what has changed from your informative presentation and explain why you made these changes.
  • Include all references with proper citations.


6-2 video journal


Watch this video of a politician asking for his party’s nomination: Speech Bad Example (0:44). Then, in a 1- to 2-minute video journal, discuss examples of poor nonverbal and verbal communication techniques you identified in the video. Also, suggest the public speaking best practices that the speaker should have utilized, and offer recommendations on how to further develop better body language and vocal inflection when giving presentations.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Communication Techniques: Describe the poor verbal and nonverbal public speaking techniques you observed in the video.
  • Best Practices: Describe the best practices for public speaking that the speaker should have followed. Refer to your module resources, and cite them where required.
  • Delivery: Demonstrate best practices when recording and presenting your video journal. Use appropriate body language, tone, vocalized pauses, and eye contact with your audience (or in this case, camera) as you record your video journal.

Guidelines for Submission

Record and submit a video journal of 1–2 minutes in length using Bongo. Sources should be cited orally according to APA style.

COM 213 Speech Outline Template


Use this template to plan the organization and content of your speech. Replace the bracketed text with your responses. You may use bullet points unless otherwise noted.



Speech Topic: [Insert text.]

General Purpose Statement (to inform, persuade, or entertain): [Insert text.]

Audience Information: [Write a brief description of your target audience.]

Audience Considerations: [List a few important social, cultural, and ethical considerations you will need to keep in mind when addressing your audience.]



Attention Getter: [Insert text.]

Statement of Credibility: [Insert text.]

Relevance Statement: [Insert text.]

Thesis Statement: [Insert text.]

[Based on your notes above, write the introduction for your speech using complete sentences.]



Write the body of your speech. Make sure to support all points and sub points with evidence, explanations, and citations and use complete sentences.

Main Point One: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Transition: [Insert text.]

Main Point Two: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Transition: [Insert text.]

Main Point Three: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Sub-point: [Insert text.]

Transition: [Insert text.]



Statement of Closure: [Insert text.]

Recap of Thesis/Main Points: [Insert text.]

[Based on your notes above, write the conclusion for your speech using complete sentences.]



[List all references in APA format. Ensure that you have at least three scholarly resources to provide support for your presentation.]

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