What is the purpose of backward planning or backward design (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005)?

What is the purpose of backward planning or backward design (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005)?

The purpose is to start with the end result or learning goals that you are trying to achieve in the classroom, and work from there. It helps teachers create lessons that are focused on learning rather than the teaching. The main purpose is focusing on what you want your students to know, and have a good understanding of whatever subject matter you are teaching.

Describe the stages of the backward design process.

The first stage is the desired results. You will address what learning outcomes you want to see come to fruition.

The second stage is assessment evidence. It involves ways the students demonstrate the ability to perform the desired results. Looking at ways to infer if the students show an understanding of the desired result.

The third stage is the learning plan. What learning experiences and teaching methods can be incorporated to enable the students to attain the desired results.

How would you evaluate this approach to curriculum? How does it affect student learning?It all depends on the teacher as to what curriculum they want to use in their classroom. This approach is something that makes a lot of sense to me. In life we all have end goals and we dream them up first so teaching should be the same, why would you make a plan without an end result in mind? This way of lesson planning is beneficial for the student because the learning is put in the forefront. Learning is the main goal, and that is the way a classroom should be!

Theresa Johnson

Week 1 Discussion 2

Backward Design

The purpose of the backward design is for teachers to make plans, and design assessment and carryout implementation through the teaching and learning process toward the alignment of the student goals.

Three Stages:

1. Identify desired results: Thinking of the result we want our students to achieve first.

2/ Determine acceptable evidence? By given students and exit ticket of what was taught before they are allowed to leave the room.

2. Plan learning experience? Make sure each student do critical thinking and high order thinking skills.

Approach Curriculum:

Make sure to identify the concept and explain what the main idea is, an what the main key verbs and key nouns that explain the content is given to all staff,

Learning passes through all filters of the brain, and we know that learning take place in the sensory information, that allows the brain to absorb many pieces of information that’s to long-term memory, and learning that take place.

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