“What is your company’s estimated customer equity?

After reading Chapter 5 in the text,
paying special attention to the characteristics of buying behavior
starting on page 137, consider the product you are using for your
marketing plan. Which of the factors influencing consumer buying
behavior best fits your product, and how do the factors drive the
consumers likelihood to purchase? (For insights into this, be sure to
read Real Marketing 5.1 and 5.2). Is culture important to your buyer
behavior? How about self-concept or lifestyle? Are there psychological
motivations? Be specific and give examples supporting your decisions.Module 5 Discussion
You want HOW much for that bag?
Why can Prada sell a handbag for
$2,000 that costs the firm a little more to manufacture than the $200
bag sold at a department store? At the other end of the pricing
spectrum, why would a consumer goods company provide a coupon that makes
their new snack product all but free? We learned in the text that there
are a number of pricing strategies firms can use to achieve their
marketing objectives. Do they want to build market share, create a
perception of exclusivity, or simply get you to try those new cookies?
Consider the product you are using for
your marketing plan. How would you price it to achieve your objectives?
Describe the pricing strategy you would use to introduce your product
to the market, and why you selected that strategy over other options. Is
your choice a long-term or short-term strategy? What advantages or
disadvantages do you foresee? Suppose that sales are not meeting your
objectives, what change might you make in your pricing?
By the way, that $2000 Prada bag may
seem like lot of money for a simple handbag, but it is not even close to
top of the pyramid. For that, check out the Tanaka designed bag sold by
Hermes for a staggering $1.9 million. Why not order two?

Module 6 Discussion

What were they thinking when they made that ad?
During the course of a day, youll be
exposed to thousands of ads using a dizzying array of messages and image
strategies, each of which appeals to different consumers in different
ways. Are you a slice of life buyer that prefers to see products in
the way you would use them at home? Or maybe humorous ads are more your
style; the product that makes you grin is the one youll grab walking
down the grocery aisle. Its a good bet that the ads that make you want
to buy a product are different than those that influence other shoppers.
Advertisers study consumer trends and behaviors to match their ads to
their target audience.

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For this discussion were going to focus
on print ads, which are generally created for magazines, newspapers, and
web pages. Find an ad (many are available online) that you think is
interesting, copy and paste it into your discussion post, and describe
the message and image strategy. Why is it effective or ineffective? What
type of consumer is the ad targeting? If you were creating an ad for
this product, what type of message and image strategy would you use and
why?Module 7 Discussion
Our ad went viral!
Have you ever liked a company or
product on Facebook? Participated in a companys blog or posted pictures
on their website? Do you and your friends have the next great
commercial for Doritos? The snack food firm has turned user generated
content into an advertising phenomenon. Their customer created ads are
frequently among the most popular during the Super Bowl, and in many
cases, have gone viral. User generated content is exactly what it sounds
like, content such as blogs, videos, pictures, and tweets (among many
other types) that are created and shared by ordinary customers.
Conduct a web search for examples of
firms that have successfully employed user generated content; there are
lots of great ones to choose from. If they can do it, so can you! How
would you employ user generated content to promote, brand, and sell the
product you are using in your marketing plan? Is mommy blogging for you?
Photo contests? How will you create the buzz you need to launch your
product? Describe your user generated content plan and why you selected
one type of content over another. How will you get your customers to
participate? Whats in it for them? Be specific and share at least one
example of a firm that has used a similar strategy.MODULE 8Module 8 Discussion
Jumping in the shark tank
Unless you happen to have a rich uncle
or get very lucky and find an angel investor, youll have to compete
for a start-up investment with dozens of other firms also trying to get
off the ground. You and your classmates have worked the entire term on
your marketing plans, and you now have the opportunity to review their
plans and to get some feedback on yours. Youll be playing the role of a
rich investor looking for the next great company. Review a few of your
fellow classmates Marketing Plans. Taking in account the grading rubric
for this assignment, post a substantive review to at least two other
classmates Marketing Plans.Be certain to review someones who hasnt been reviewed yet.In your review:

1. What questions do you have for the entrepreneur asking you to invest?
2. Does their SWOT make sense? Do you think they missed any important opportunities or threats?
3. Did they pick the right targets in their segmentation? Will those consumers really buy their product?
4. How about the IMC plan; did they pick the right message and medium?
5. Finally, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Will you invest in the product and why or why not?

Feel free to set conditions such as a
different ad campaign or changes to the product. After all, its your
money! By the way, were much nicer than those guys on TV so make sure
your feedback is friendly and constructive.quizes quiz 1Which
of the following terms refers to sellers being preoccupied with their own
products and losing sight of underlying consumer needs?
Vendor lock-in
Social loafing
Value proposition
Marketing myopia
Conspicuous consumption (Page Ref: 7)
Points Received: 5 of 5
Question 2. Question
: Which of the following
customer questions is answered by a company’s value proposition?
“Why should I buy your brand rather than
a competitor’s?”
“What is your company’s estimated
customer equity?”
“What are the costs involved in the
production of your brand?”
“What is the budget allocated by your
company for research and development?”
“What is the financial stability of your
company?” (Page Ref: 9)
Points Received: 5 of 5
Question 3. Question
: Which of the following is NOT
an accurate description of modern marketing?
Marketing is the creation of value for
Marketing involves managing profitable
customer relationships.
Marketing emphasizes selling and advertising
Marketing involves satisfying customers’
Marketing is building value-laden exchange
relationships with customers. (Page Ref: 4-5)
Points Received: 5 of 5
Question 4. Question
: The key businesses of
Kimberley and Price consist of a division that produces and sells breakfast
cereals and another that manufactures gardening tools. Each of these businesses
is called a __________.
market segment
strategic business unit (SBU)
question mark
product portfolio (Page Ref: 42)
Points Received:

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