What is your personal philosophy of ethics in general?



In preparation for this essay, read through the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics for the subject of Marriage and Family Therapy.
Next, consider the following scenario. In your personal life, you are in a committed relationship, yet you find yourself noticing that your client is quite attractive and repeatedly having intimate thoughts about this particular client. To date you have been successful at pushing it away from your mind when you have the thought. One day your client discloses to you that s/he thinks about you a lot outside of sessions and wonders if the two of you may be able to start seeing each other socially.
Based on this scenario, write a 2-3 page essay that addresses each of the following:
1. What does the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics include that is relevant to this scenario?
2. What does the recent MFT literature say about ethics in situations like this?
3. What is your personal philosophy of ethics in general?
4. How would you handle this situation? Be sure to think clinically here and list a specific plan.
Please remember the following when addressing the areas above. Failure to fully address any one of these areas will result in the resubmission of this essay.
1. Proper APA format for citations; proper spelling & grammar
2. Use specific sections of the 2015 Code of Ethics and cite them correctly
3. The Case Description includes both the client and the therapist; the case is presented from a systemic understanding
4. Please use at least 2 current sources (other than the Code of Ethics) are accurately used
5. Design a specific action plan for dealing with the given situation

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