What kind of community space do we want to have?

Chapter1 Modern Project Managemenr 23 1 of 5 stimulator PAX 2). Neural stimulators are electronic devices that doctors implant in patients with wires connected to sources of pain in the patient’s spine. In the past, patients would have to have an operation to replace the stimulator bat- tery every 10 years. PAX 2 was being designed to take advantage of new battery technologies and use a rechargeable battery. In concept, this battery system would eliminate the need for replacement surgeries and allow the implanted battery to be recharged externally. Viktoria’s team had just completed the second prototype and was entering a critical testing phase. It had been tricky trying to predict the life pan of the new rechargeable battery without testing it in real time. She ious to begin seeing the test results. was anx Jasper was working for a start-up company after doing contract work for his first nine months in San Francisco. He was sworn to secrecy about the project and all Fatma and Viktoria knew was that the project had something to do with sharing economy. He was working with a small development team that included colleagues from Bangalore, India, and Malmo, Sweden After ordering and chit-chatting a bit, Fatma started the discussion. “I will be glad when this week is over,” she said. “We’ve been struggling defining the scope of tho project. At first glance our project seems relatively simple, build eight two-bedroom apartments in an old warehouse. But there are a lot of unanswered questions. What kind of community space do we want to have? How efficient should the energy system be? What kind of furniture? Everybody wants to do a good job, but when does low income housing morph into middle income housing?” Viktoria offered, “Scope defining is one of the things my company does very well. Before a project is authorized, a detailed scope statement is developed that clearly defines the project objectives, priorities, budget, requirements, limits, and exclusions. All of the key stakeholders sign off on it. It is really important to identify priorities up front. I know on the PAX 2 project that scope is the number one priority. I know no matter how long it takes it is imperative that my work is done right.” Fatma responded, “That’s exactly what my Project manager is preparing for Friday’s meeting. I guess that is one of the things you have to do as a project manager is end discussions. He is going to make the tough calls and finalize the project scope so we can begin planning. Jasper interjected, “You guys are so lucky, for the most part your scope remains the same. In my work the scope is constantly changing. You show the founders a feature they wanted, and they say well if you can do that, can you do this? You know it’s going to happen, but you really can’t plan for it.” Jasper went on to say, “We do know what our number one priority is: time. There are a lot of players trying to move in to the ‘space’ we are working on. We have to demon- strate we are ahead of the pack if we are going to continue to get VC funding.” Jasper said that despite the pressure, his project had been a lot of fun. He especially liked working with his Swedish and Indian counterparts, Axel and Raja. They worked like a global tag team on their part of the project. Jasper would code and then pass his work onto Raja who would work on it and pass it on to Axel, who would eventually hand it off to Jasper. Given the time zones, they were able to have at least one person working on the code around the clock. Jasper said it was hard at first working with someone you never met personally other than on a video screen. Trust was an issue. Everyone was trying to prove them selves. Eventually a friendly competition arose across the team. The programmers New Venture Capital funding.

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