What kind of companies should use the machine bureaucracy form of structure?

Below are two seperate discussion posts.  Each discussion should be atleast 200 words minimum and properly any references used.  The only reference required is:

Baack, D., Reilly, M., & Minnick, C., & (2014). The five functions of effective management (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

This text is a Constellation™ course digital materials (CDM) title.

DISCUSSION 1 — Structure for Conglomerate

Reflect on your reading for the week, specifically Analytical Exercise 8. Is another form of structural configuration better suited to multiproduct, multiservice companies? If not, is there a form of departmentalization for multiproduct, multiservice companies which would match somewhat the divisional structure configuration?”


Explain how the following somewhat match each other:

1.   functional structure with simple structure

2.  divisional structure with departmentalization by product

3.  machine bureaucracy with centralized, mechanistic structure

4.  professional bureaucracy with decentralized, organic structure



DISCUSSION 2– Classifying Structure

Address the following questions and also provide the name of a company example of each structure with supporting rationale. Reply substantively to two other learners.

  1. What kinds of companies should employ the simple structure organizational configuration?
  2. What kind of companies should use the machine bureaucracy form of structure?
  3. What kinds of organizations should feature a professional bureaucracy form of structure?
  4. What kinds of firms should use the divisional form of structure?
  5. What types of organizations are best suited to the adhocracy form of structure?

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