What made the production significant or unique in terms of style or approach?

A production history (also called performance history or stage history) is an account of significant productions of a theatrical work. A production history answers several questions:

When, where, and by whom was the work written, directed, designed, performed, and adapted?
What made the production significant or unique in terms of style or approach?
How was the production received by critics and audiences? (This is sometimes called reception history).

Production history helps us to appreciate the myriad possibilities inherent in the staging of a piece of theatre; the changing socio-cultural and historical perceptions of a theatrical work; and the theatrical styles and approaches of specific places and times.

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How do you find production histories? Unless someone else has compiled one for you, there’s no single, simple place to find one. You have to piece the history together from several kinds of sources, including the following:

Biographies of the playwright or composer
Texts of the play (critical introductions and notes often give an account of productions)
Websites on the playwright, the composer, the director, or the work

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