What medications have been found effective in the treatment of panic attacks?

What teaching should the nurse do with Caroline in regard the Paxil? What side effects may have an effect and cause patient’s to stop taking it? What

assessments need to be included for a patient taking Paxil?
9. What medications have been found effective in the treatment of panic attacks?
10. What therapies other than medication are currently being used to treat Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia?
11. Complete a full mental status assessment for Caroline.
12. Complete a full physical examination for Caroline.
13. Identify three nursing diagnoses and write a complete care plan including two goals for each diagnosis; three interventions for each goal, rationale for each

intervention, and evaluations for all interventions and goals.

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PLewis, Heitkemper, Dirksen Medical-Surgical Nursing in Canada Mosby 978-189-742-2014 2nd
Required Resource Potter & Perry Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing Elsevier 978-1-926648-53-8 5th
Required Resource Endelman & Mandle Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan Mosby 978-032-305-6625 7th Edition
Required Resource Morrison – Valfre Foundations of Mental Health Care Elsevier 978-032-3086-202
Required Resource Pagana Mosby’s Canadian Manual of Diagnostic and Lab Tests Mosby

The following criteria shall be used when you complete the assigned case studies:

a) Answer the questions associated with the case

b) Develop a nursing process report based which will include:
a. Identifying data
b. Past history
c. Recent medical history
d. Medical diagnosis
e. Medications
f. Findings from Physical Assessment
g. Clinical signs / symptoms
h. Diagnostic tests
i. Treatments
j. Psychosocial assessments/ mental status assessments
k. Nursing diagnoses (3)
l. Goals (2)
m. Interventions
n. Discharge needs
o. Format
i. Typed
1. 12 pt. font
2. 1 inch margins
3. Double spaced
4. Title page
ii. Accurate
iii. APA style
iv. Supporting evidence provided

When completing the case study, not all assessment data will be available, just include the information provided in the case.

Your assessment will be as comprehensive as possible using Gordon’s framework as a guide. The assessment will be typed.

You will identify three nursing diagnoses for each case. All nursing diagnoses will have two goals (one related to patient education or health teaching). For each

goal, there will be 3 – 4 evidence based interventions that have been individualized to the specific client. Please provide rationale for interventions as well as the

primary source.

Evaluation will include the specific outcomes that you would be evaluating.

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