What opportunities exist in your market or the environment that you can benefit from?

Topic: Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis on Norwegian Cruise Line
The Objectives:
• Understand the current trends affecting the tour and cruise industries
• Share your research with other students in the class
• Start using your analytical and written skills in a formal analysis of the travel industry
The Task:
Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis on one of the following cruise lines:
• Disney Cruise Lines
• Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
• Carnival Cruise Lines
• Viking River Cruises
• AMA Waterways
• Holland America
• Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
• Seabourn Line
• American Cruise Lines
Strengths (internal, positive factors)
Strengths describe the positive attributes, tangible and intangible, internal to your organization. They are within your company’s control.
• What do you do well?
• What internal resources do you have? Think about the following:
o Positive attributes of people, such as knowledge, background, education, credentials, network, reputation, or skills.
o Tangible assets of the company, such as capital, credit, existing customers or distribution channels, patents, or technology.
• What advantages do you have over your competition?
• Do you have strong research and development capabilities? Manufacturing facilities?
• What other positive aspects, internal to your business, add value or offer you a competitive advantage?
Weaknesses (internal, negative factors)
Weaknesses are aspects of your business that detract from the value you offer or place you at a competitive disadvantage. Your company needs to enhance these areas in order to compete with their best competitor.
• What factors that are within your control detract from your ability to obtain or maintain a competitive edge?
• What areas need improvement to accomplish your objectives or compete with your strongest competitor?
• What does your business lack (for example, expertise or access to skills or technology)?
• Does your business have limited resources?
• Is your business in a poor location?
Opportunities (external, positive factors)
Opportunities are external attractive factors that represent reasons your company is likely to prosper.
• What opportunities exist in your market or the environment that you can benefit from?
• Is the perception of your business positive?
• Has there been recent market growth or have there been other changes in the market the create an opportunity?
• Is the opportunity ongoing, or is there just a window for it? In other words, how critical is your timing?
Threats (external, negative factors)
Threats include external factors beyond your control that could place your strategy, or the business itself, at risk. Your company has no control over these.
• Who are your existing or potential competitors?
• What factors beyond your control could place your business at risk?
• Are there challenges created by an unfavorable trend or development that may lead to deteriorating revenues or profits?
• What situations might threaten your marketing efforts?
• Has there been a significant change in supplier prices or the availability of raw materials?
• What about shifts in consumer behavior, the economy, or government regulations that could reduce your sales?
• Has a new product or technology been introduced that makes your products, equipment, or services obsolete?
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