What part of the marketing mix is UPS providing?

Question 13. Question
: Amor, a successful brand of women’s clothing, recently
introduced a line of fitness equipment. This is an example of __________. Question 14. Question
: The Farmers Pantry, an all-natural grocery store and
bakery, has launched a bottom-up customer service model empowering frontline
employees to solve most customer complaints, even those that are somewhat
complex. What part of the marketing mix does this describe? Question 15. Question
: Golden Oldies, an online music store specializing in classic
rock n roll, developed an algorithm that predicts what albums, posters, and
books will appeal to a buyer based on the answers to a few questions about the 1960s.
What part of the marketing mix is Golden Oldies employing? Question 16. Question
: The Really Tasteless Frozen Food Company has decided that,
based on the financial projections, they are not going to be required to make
any adjustments in their contribution margins. Identify the part of the
marketing mix most closely identified with this activity. Question 17. Question
: Sony Electronics has determined that because home theater
products have gotten so complex, they are going to include an automated setup
process built into each TV. What part of the marketing mix does this describe? Question 18. Question
: The Marketing Director for Terrible Tours just bought a
series of commercials on the Today Show and a run of print ads in the AARP
magazine. Which part of the marketing mix best describes this activity? Question 19. Question
: Coronary Foods has contracted with UPS to manage all their
shipping, warehousing, and store deliveries, including stocking the shelves at
big box stores. What part of the marketing mix is UPS providing? Question 20. Question
: Its About Time, an online vintage clothing store,
encourages its customers to create an avatar that can be dressed in clothing
typical of the products sold on the site. What part of the marketing mix does
the avatar best represent?

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