What problems with masculine morality does Noddings identify?

Answer one question from each section. answer the questions with about 225 words each (so 2 questions, 1 paragraph per question, 225 words each *this is not an essay, simply just questions).

Section 1 :(Metaphysics & Epistemology)

2. Kant’s epistemology is a synthesis of Cartesian rationalism and British empiricism. Explain the foregoing statement by emphasizing the roles played by sensibility and understanding in the structure of knowledge.
3. In his “Five Ways” argument, St. Thomas Aquinas attempts to “prove” the existence of God. Choose three of the arguments and state his line of reasoning. Are you persuaded? If so, why? If not, why not?

Section 2: (Ethics and Political Philosophy)

4. What problems with masculine morality does Noddings identify? Do you agree with her that there is a feminine approach to ethics? What does she mean by the claim that relation is “ontologically basic” and caring relation is “ethically basic”?
5. Compare and contrast the “social contract” theories of Hobbes and Locke by emphasizing their different conceptions of human nature, state of nature, natural law and sovereignty.
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