What quality one to be served by the agency and what is the referral source if any.

Research an agency or organization of your choice , which serves the elderly . persons with a specfic disability, veterns, abused children, needy children, the homeless, pregnant teens, teen mothes, , or single parents.

Prepare an APA compliant essay of 800 word report on the agency or organization of your choice. Do not write in the first person Correlate the contents of your report on the agency with theoretical concepts that apply to validate them. support your work. Ass assertions , fact, theories, concepts, and numerical values are to be supported.

Use subject headings throughout the document to sort the document by topics.

Required Report Information:

1. Agency Name , location, phone number, and web address.

2. population served

3. What quality one to be served by the agency , and what is the referral source if any.

4. Services provided by the agency

5. Titles and educational degrees of poeple who provide the direct services to the clients

6. Two probable or possible ethical dilemmas that agency might suffer.

7. Ethical code/standards that correlate with dilemma for professionals

8, Reasonable and probable resolutions for the professionals dilemma

9. Laws and policies researched in week one for which the agency must comply with , or are regulated by.

10. Explain how state laws and policies apply to the agency

11.what are possible discrepancies between what the agency Mission is and the state or federal laws researched.

The essay must include title page , introduction, conclusion and reference

a minimum of 4 sources of which two must be peer reviewed .

Correlate agency report content with documented information that validates it. Correlate content with ethical theories and ethical codes. The use of applicable codes is required.

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