What research methods were used?

REVIEWING RESEARCH AND MAKING CONNECTIONS Due Week 4: 110 points For your first assignment, you will complete a short answer activity in which you will analyze the article following the Ask, Research, Learn, Do process. This process was introduced in your webtext as a simplified version of the sociological research process.It’sausefultooltohelpyouthinkcritically, answer questions, and solve problems. REVIEW THE RESEARCH Review the Article “Most Americans think the government could be monitoring their phone calls and emails” http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/09/27/mostamericans-think-the-government-could-be-monitoringtheir-phone-calls-and-emails/ USE THE RESEARCH Use the research information presented in the article to answerthe questions below. The article should be used to inform your responses, but your responses should not include information copied word for word from the article. You should write four paragraphs, one for each step listed in bold. Use the Assignment 1 template to complete this assignment. Refer to Chapter 2 of the webtext as necessary. 1) Ask: • What was the topic of the research? • Who was studied in the research? • What was the research question that was answeredby theinformationinthe article? 2 2) Research: • What research methods were used? • Summarize the process researchers usedto collect data. 3) Learn: • What were the key findings of the research? • What conclusion was drawn from the research? 4) Do: • Whataretwoadditionalfollow-upquestions that you have based on this research? • Why did you choose these follow up questions? FORMATTING 5) Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: • Use the Assignment 1 template to complete this assignment. • References are not required for this assignment as you will use theassigned article and your webtext. • Be sure to include your name and the date on the cover page ofthe template. 3 RUBRIC Grading for this assignment will be based on the following rubr

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