What research should be done to determine if the campaign is resonating with the worldwide audiences?

Answer the below questions based on the scenarios listed below


• Each scenario answer should be at least 750 words Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources (scholarly sources) and 1 biblical integration (includes one bible verse and apply it to the answers). All sources are cited in current APA format. Proper ENGLISH, spelling and grammar MUST be used. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Do not use textbooks, newspapers, audiobooks, etc. These items do not meet the requirement of this assignment

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Scenario 1.

You are the administrative assistant for a division chief in a large holding company that owns several hotels and theme parks. You and the division chief have just come from the CEO’s office, where you were informed that the guest complaints related to housekeeping and employee attitude are increasing. Your on-site managers have mentioned some tension among the workers but have not considered it unusual. The CEO and your division chief instruct you to investigate. Suggest at least three different types of research that might be appropriate in this situation. The types of research are: Exploratory Studies, formal Study, Monitoring, Communication Study, Focus Groups, descriptive studies and casual studies.

Scenario 2

Pepsi launched a new global branding campaign based on the concept of live in the moment called “live for now”. It did extensive research prior to the campaign’s launch. What research should be done to determine if the campaign is resonating with the worldwide audiences? Qualitative/Quantitative research.

Scenarios 3

You wish to analyze the pedestrian traffic that passes a given store in a major shopping center. You are interested in determining how many shoppers pass by this store, and you would like to classify these shoppers on various relevant dimensions. Any information you secure should be obtained from observation alone. Questions A. What other information might you find useful to observe? B. How would you decide what information to collect? C. Devise the operational definitions you would need? D. What would you say in your instructions to the observers you plan to use? E. How might you sample this shopper traffic?

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