What should the movie feel like?

Lumet contends the Studio system has always treated writers very well
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Question 2 (1 point)

Melodrama makes ________ its highest priority, and everyone is subservient to it.
Question 2 options:
The storyline
Question 3 (1 point)

For Lumet, saying “print” is his biggest responsibility.
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Question 4 (1 point)

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Above the line costs include: Director, Actors, Property, Writer, and…
Question 4 options:
The gaffer
The Producer
The lights
The camera
Question 5 (1 point)

Melodrama is a __________ that makes the implausible plausible.
Question 5 options:
heightened theatricality
Rigid tale
Question 6 (1 point)

A “setup” is
Question 6 options:
A trick played on the actors
A dramatic device
A three piece light kit
The preparation for the next take
Question 7 (1 point)

Once Lumet accepts a movie the most critical question for him becomes
Question 7 options:
What is the movie about?
Who is the cast?
What should the movie feel like?
What should the movie look like?
Question 8 (1 point)

When the director yells “Print,” this means
Question 8 options:
That section of the script will be revised.
A still image of that scene will be made for promotions.
The take will go to the lab to be developed.
The take was no good and they should go again.
Question 9 (1 point)

Lumet reveals that he prefers to have as much of the production team as possible present during the First Reading
Question 9 options:TrueFalseSave
Question 10 (1 point)

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