What similarities and differences do you see between the Great Depression and our current economic problems? Is there anything that was done to fight the Great Depression that should be done now?

Depression and our current economic problems

To support your response, offer at least one reference that is credited and referenced according to Citations Booster’s format (see below).

Citation enhancing:

Every student is required to properly attribute any information source they use in an assignment. You shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t know everything. Why are you here if you did? It is acceptable to paraphrase someone else’s words in your writing, but you must credit the original author. Any book (including the textbook), magazine, newspaper, journal article, video or sound recording, web page, Internet site, encyclopedia, brochure, individual interviews, or anything else that wasn’t written or made by you counts as a source of information. This means that if you use passages from a book, an idea you found online and described in your own words, or facts you found in a table in a magazine, you must cite the source. The implications of plagiarism are listed in the syllabus. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. Use of a “citation” ensures proper credit is provided. A citation contains all the pertinent data required to locate that book, article, or other item so that others can do the same. Just because you omitted a reference doesn’t mean that no one else can locate it; rather, it just means that if it is discovered, you will be penalized for doing so.

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