What situation would it be used in? Why would an intake or counseling interview be a good choice for this organization? What ethical issues may arise in this specific situation and how could they be addressed?

Employing interviewing abilities

As we’ve already discussed, there are many different contexts in which you can employ interviewing abilities. Let’s now concentrate on possible applications for those skills. Consider the profession you want to enter after receiving your degree. If you’re unsure of the kind of career you want to pursue, consider one that interests you, such as human resources manager, marriage and family therapist, or school counselor. Additionally, you can check the Occupational Handbook at http://www.bls.gov/oco/ to learn more about other job options.

Consider a social service organization, healthcare organization, company, educational facility, or government organization where you might work in the future and which might benefit from a counseling or clinical interview. Describe the organization you chose in a paper of two to three pages, and then go through the benefits and usefulness of an intake interview for the company. In what circumstances would it be applied? Why would this organization choose to do an intake or counseling interview? What moral dilemmas can this particular circumstance present, and how might they be resolved? Use APA formatting, cover all of the above-mentioned topics, and, where necessary, cite the textbook, the online course, and other reliable academic sources to support your arguments.

Send your assignment to the Dropbox for M4: Assignment 2.

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