What specific recommendations do your interviewees have for successful completion?

This assignment requires you to interview two people who have successfully completed doctoral programs.
Your goal in this assignment is to carefully consider and organize the body of your paper around these three key ideas:

What most assisted your interviewees in completing their major research projects or dissertations?
What challenges did your interviewees experience?
What specific recommendations do your interviewees have for successful completion?

Use the following guidelines as you conduct your interview to help you achieve the above three goals:

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-Select individuals to interview
-Each interview should take 30–45 minutes, depending on how responsive your interviewees are.
-You may conduct your interviews in person or by phone.
-Prior to meeting your interviewees, develop 10–15 interview questions you will ask each of them that will hep you to address the above three goals. It is important to ask the same questions to both.
-The first question or two should help you understand their research topics and why the topics were of interest to your interviewees. In addition it could be very useful to your research to ask questions like these: What tips do they have for locating good materials, especially research articles? How long did it take the interviewee from start to finish? What resources were required, such as technology, postage, and other costs? Another important area of information concerns the role of the committee chair and the committee members.
-Several questions should be asked to help you explore what assisted each person the most in completing the research or dissertation.
-Trying to understand the challenges each interviewee faced will also require several questions.
-As you conduct each interview, you may ask related, follow up questions to help you better understand each interviewee’s response, such as: “Could you give me a specific example of what you meant when you said …?” or “Could you provide a little more detail about …?” This will help you provide details in your paper as well as enhance your understanding of the challenges faced.
-Toward the end of your interview, ask what recommendations each interviewee could provide to help you be successful in the completion of your dissertation.
-In order to capture the information from the interview, be prepared to take detailed notes. Some students even request permission to tape record their interviews so they can replay and listen to them to better understand the information provided by each interviewee.

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