What stakeholders were affected by the decision or action?

Your Assignment:

Describe a situation in your work or personal life, either experienced or witnessed, in which a decision or action of moral gravity was made or taken. You may choose to write this to me or to any audience you specify (advice to a friend, for example).  You may write this in the third person or the first person – whichever feels more right to you.  This is your story, so you need to tell it in a way that makes sense to you and so that your discussion is clear to your reader.  Once you have described the situation, please discuss your answers to the following questions:

  • What stakeholders were affected by the decision or action?
  • What would have been considered the “right” outcome? What would have been considered “wrong”? Why?
  • To what ethical principle or principles was the person (or persons) who made the decision or took the action possibly adhering? Do these match yours today?  Why/why not?
  • What biases might have prevented the person (or persons) from making the best decision or taking the proper action?
  • If there’s an organization (company, institution, employer) in the situation, what might that organization have done to prevent and/or remedy the situation and ensure an ethical result?

(I didn’t give this assignment a descriptive title because I know you will be able to give it a better one once you’ve written it)

Remember that this analysis paper will be graded according to the Analysis Paper 2 Rubric, found in your syllabus and attached here on Blackboard for your reference.  Remember to make liberal use of resources and include a reference section for the things you refer to.  As always, formatting is your choice and length itself is irrelevant; just be sure to check the prompt above and the rubric to be sure you’ve got the job done.

Happy writing!  I look forward to reading what you’ve chosen to write about and how these moral dilemmas turned out …

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