What surprised you about the events and what you learned in the reading?

NSD 114: Food Safety
Assignment 1: Reflection paper on “The Hamburger Bacteria” by Nichols Fox, NYT Tavernese article
Due Sunday 9/21/14, via BB (10% of grade); bring a copy of your reflection to class on September 15, 2014 to inform our workshop on the reading and group work.
Purpose: In this assignment, you will write an essay on your reflection of a case study exploring the chronology of processes involved in the discovery of the superbug

E. coli OI57:H7 and the mechanism of infection in several outbreaks of the bug in the 1980s and how it changed the way we think about food safety. You will also look

at antibiotics for animals tied to human risk of infection in an article written much later.
Format: The essay will be 3 pages long (with title page), double spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins. Create a title page with your name, title of

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your reflection, class, and use APA formatting to list the reference on the title page.
Content: Your essay should consist of a short introduction explaining what your essay will accomplish, the body of your essay and a conclusion with closing remarks in

summary of your essay. The body of the essay should use 1-2 paragraphs to summarize the reading and the events the reading describes. You also need to answer the

following questions:
1. What did scientists, people involved and the regulatory authorities of our government learn in the process of understanding the hamburger bug? What new systems

came out of it?
2. What surprised you about the events and what you learned in the reading?
3. How did changing cultural values (e.g.: increased focus on convenience foods) and changing food systems (e.g.: fast food and the feeding lot system of raising

beef) influence events in the case of the hamburger bug?
4. Describe the two modes of the origin of antibiotic resistance presented in the illustration.
5. Tie in what you learn about the use of animal antibiotics in feed to the narrative about OI57:H7.
30% Follow format and on time
30% Composition (spelling, flow, grammar, sentence structure)

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