What types of information has been transmitted about this claim?

This assignment requires a comprehensive application of the elements of critical reasoning that we are
studying in this course. The main objective is for you to follow the systematic critical reasoning process
to thoroughly document all relevant information in analyzing and making an argument.
“Physician‐assisted suicide should be legal and available to those how choose to use it.”

In your essay, you must address the following questions about your claim.
1. Briefly define the claim and its counter argument.
2. Who are some of the people and sources making the claim?
3. What are the interested parties for this claim?
4. What types of information has been transmitted about this claim?
5. Does the claim conflict with your personal observations and background information?
6. What rhetoric and fallacies are used with respect to this claim?
7. Are there any scientific findings about this claim?
8. What are the best ways to assess the probabilities of this claim?
9. What are your conclusions about your claim?

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