What Was The Impact Of Early European Explorations On The New World?

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR OWN VOICE IN THE ANALYSIS, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzoD1UIYWvcAgjaTx-ak0Au7DPSDJRX64kP7aGhInvs/edit?usp=sharing THIS LINK SHOWS HOW TO DO THE CITATIONS.

On the whole, what was the impact of early European explorations on the New World? What was the impact of the New World on Europeans?

  • One possible method to break this question into its multiple subquestions for paragraph responses.
    • Paragraph discussion of the European exploration impact on the New World. This could include animals, plant life, and peoples.
    • Paragraph discussion of the New Worlds’ impact on Europeans. This could include animals, plant life, and peoples.
  • Connection to present: How does the actions of early globalization impact the world today?

Key passages:

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  • 2.1 Portuguese Exploration and Spanish Conquest –
    Spanish Exploration and Conquest pages 35 – 41
  • 2.2 Religious Upheavals in the Developing Atlantic World –
    English Exploration pages 46 – 49
    French Exploration pages 49 – 50
    Dutch Colonization pages 50 – 51
  • 2.4 New Worlds in the Americas –
    Labor, Commerce, and the Colombian Exchange. Pages 52 – 58

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