What will you be able to do by the end of the module?

Module Description and Learning Outcomes
What is this module about?
What will you learn? (subject specific and transferable skills)
• To develop knowledge and understanding of marketing as an integrated approach to business activity
• To provide a framework for analysing marketing problems and an appreciation of the analytical tools available in developing strategic marketing responses.
What will you be able to do by the end of the module?
1. Be familiar with the core marketing concepts and basic marketing terminology (the “language” of marketing).
2. Understand the role and importance of marketing in society and business.
3. Explain how various environmental factors- social, technological, competitive, economic and legal affect marketing decision making processes and outcomes.
4. Illustrate how consumers/customers/clients make purchasing decisions and explain the socio-cultural, psychological and situational influences on consumer behaviour.
5. Explain what marketing research is, what it does and how marketing information systems can be used to aid marketers in linking large amounts of marketing information into meaningful marketing actions.
6. Describe what market segmentation is, when to use it, list the steps or processes involved in market segmentation and understand how to segment a market according to different dimensions.
7. Demonstrate/explain the process of developing a marketing strategy, by choosing a target market and marketing mix.
8. Identify and explain the basic concepts and principles within each of the 4 elements within the marketing mix (the basic “tools” of marketing).
9. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the major trends and developments in the field of marketing today including the role of ethics in marketing, direct marketing, relationship marketing, and e-marketing.
10. Understand the basics of services marketing.
B) Cognitive and key skills
1. Cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis.
2. A creative approach to solving problems and taking decisions.
3. Specific strategic and tactical marketing skills: market segmentation product positioning and targeting promotional techniques.
4. Learning to learn and developing an appetite for learning.
5. Abilities to conduct research into business and management issues both at the individual and group level
6. Self-confidence.
C) Employability Skills:
1. Application and Analysis: Applying theoretical concepts to a practical real life business scenario
2. Enterprise Skills: Developing marketing ideas for a real business scenario using creativity and entrepreneurial skills
3. IT: using IT skills to gather information and designing business campaigns
4. Research and Information gathering: to be creative in the use of source material.
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