what would be shown during your presentation the strategic memo would be provided as the in-depth document to support the slides. ?

Final Strategic Business Memo How Memo Points Will be Earned ________________________________________ 1. Opening Section of the memo (not bulleted): This paragraph states thepurpose and goal of your memo; in total, the first paragraph will have no more than five “fifteen(5-15) sentences. It only introduces the purpose of the memo and lists the primary business environment issues that you are writing to the CEO/president of your assigned company where you are the international business consultant. ¢ No references/resources can be cited in this paragraph +100 possible for this opening section if done correctly Points Earned: ________________ 2. Middle (largest) section of the memo “ use bulleted format“ Do not write in paragraphs, just use bulleted phrases with strong verbs and nouns. This section has the business environment issues you have identified about your assigned country and whether or not they are favorable for your assigned company. a. State your strategic goals b. Support each strategic goal with strategic objectives “ the œwhat that is required to reach each respective strategic goal c. Support each strategic objective with tactical recommendations“ what actions the company would need to undertake internally to achieve each objective (œResearch further and œunderstand are not options here ” what specific actions it would need to take. Example: if the legal system is not compatible with your company’s home legal system, one option would be to hire a well-known international legal firm such as Fulbright and Jaworski. d. Again, cite your references, the primary and supporting information from the course resources: the text, the videos, articles, class discussions (with cited dates), Canvas Discussions, Canvas Assignments. You want to have a balance of resources. (+400Total possible points for this main section) Points Earned: _____________ 3. Last Section(not bulleted) This paragraph briefly summarizes the business operations issues you have identified that would favorably or negatively impact your company on doing business in your assigned country, and your specific recommendations as to what company needs to do internally so it can enter into your assigned country to begin business operations. Maximum of 15sentences here. No new ideas, information can be added or introduced here. (+100 points possible for section if done correctly). Points Earned:____________ III. Additional Information 1. Correct memo format including sections 1, 2 and 3; only use single spacing, not double (+100 points possible) Points Earned: ______________ 2. Correctly written timeline (+100points possible) Points Earned: ____________ 3. Resources/references from the course that support your analysis and reasoning “ the only additional research you need to have done is on your already assigned company and the country; you want a balance of these; do not rely on just the text or any other source ¢ book (+25possible for each correct reference) ¢ _____________Notes from class discussions (+25 possible for each correctly dated source/reference) ¢ _____________Student presentations, articles and videos in Canvas Assignments and Canvas Discussions(+25total for each correct reference) ¢ _____________Canvas Discussions(+25) possible for each correct reference ¢ _____________Speaker: Jill Lohmiller(+25 points possible for each correct reference) 4. Title page will have your name, due date (December 14, 2013, and name of assignment, and on EVERY page you will have page numbers and your name ¢ (Minus 25 points if not included or done correctly) ¢ Points Deducted: ______________ 5. Spelling, grammar and syntax ¢ (Minus 10-points for each error) ¢ Points Deducted: __________________ 6. Memo Length: No length maximum or minimum ” do whatever it takes for you to do an excellent job “ length and a good grade are not the same thing; you are writing as the international business consultant to the president/CEO of your assigned company (your temporary œboss); keep it focused, concise and powerful “ and realistic. ? Again, you will reference the class discussions, videos, presentations, assigned video presentations in Canvas:Assignments, Canvas Discussions comments, assigned articles; you MUST have a mix of all of them. ? Again, justify/support your choices by referencing with either parentheses (state your source or sources in this way in the actual memo) or you can use footnotes. 7. Attacha correctly written (APA or MLA is fine)œSources Cited page(s) at the end of the memo ¢ (+50) if done correctly, and if the references are the same as found in the memo) ¢ Points Earned:_______________ 8. Correctly written timeline (+100points possible) Points Earned: ____________ 9. Optional Strategic Memo Power Point Deck “ correctly written (+200 points possible Points Earned: ____________ ? Total Points Earned: (This is where I show the points you earned and give you overall feedback) ________________________________________ Assignment for an Additional Maximum +200 Points ¢ Prepare Power Point slide presentation deck to accompany your strategic memo o In a real-world business setting, these slides are what would be shown during your presentation; the strategic memo would be provided as the in-depth document to support the slides. ? The memo would be done first and then the slides would be prepared ¢ Use the same Power Point rules and criteria that were used during the beginning of the semester for your Hong Kong and Japan slides, and are posted in Canvas.

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